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Firecube Public Multimedia

Since 2004, realtime visions (RV) have been developing interactive multimedia applications for the public domain, under the brandname Firecube Public Multimedia (FPM ).

Our aim is to provide results that our customers can show in the long-term. For this we are always one step ahead.

A good example for this is one of our initial projects, completed in 2004, the interactive underwater world for the Landesbank in Saarbrucken – a camera interactive window display in the form of a real-time 3D simulation of ten screens.

Virtual dive / Landesbank Saar 2004


The current team of 13 permanent staff combines the absolute passion to explore the limits of what is possible. Customer requirements set the bar and our references show our success.

In particular, we ensure creative concepts are implemeted that are budget-sensitive, down to the last point and pixel.