Sabine Kacunko, an international renowned artist with worldwide exhibition design experience, concerns herself with barely explored transdisciplinary, artistic-scientific interfaces. She examines new and unknown territory. Her latest work will soon be in Berlin, at the prestigious Collegium Hungaricum, a dedicated content and media art space with extraordinary streetscreening opportunities.
Art meets science meets software: With the help of Firecube Public Multimedia application developed for the artist under technology-sponsoring, Sabine Kacunko has enabled structures and processes hidden to the naked eye to be visible in an artistic dimension.

From the programme

In the context of the Berlin theme year”Diversity Destroyed” the exhibition LOOPING LIFE from Sabine Kacunko is taking place within Berlin. It starts with a performance of „hit and run“, with two dancers from Sasha Waltz and an exhibition in the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin and is dedicated to an early pioneer of of the antiseptic process, Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1865).


Art as Research

During the performance of “hit and run” the chemical reactions of different substances to the blood of the artist are generated as audio-visual data in real time. A microscopic recording of the skin, the highly sensitive interface between the outside world and the body, will be projected on the wall of the CHB. Skin is not only sensitive to changes in the environment, it is also an indicator of the physical and mental balance.

The appearance of the skin reveals images of disease, making it the body’s “natural” alarm system. During the performance, different chemical substances are fed to the blood sample and by means of a specially designed software, the resulting reactions are fed into a live audio-visual experience on the projected “skin” for the visitors.
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Sabine Kacunko Life-Performance 8. Nov 19:00 Uhr / Presseempfang 7. Nov 17:00 Uhr / CHB