Kinect 2.0 is here

Kinect 2.0 is here

We have had very good experiences with the first Kinect and the new version is more accurate, faster and more stable.

Navigating PowerPoint, slides and slideshows is possible without contact when using Kinect. Information and interaction can be combined with the live image of users. Intuitive large-scale games are inspiring at events. With the new Kinect sensor this is now more immediate and more accurate. Here are some suggestions that we have put together to spark your creativity:

Kinect 2.0 Firecube Public Multimedia
Firecube Smart: ‘Candy Land’ Games Effect
Sygonix ‘Full House Connection’

The new 2.0 Kinect sensor. We create solutions that inspire and attract.

Katrin ‘Mission Hygiene’ – Kinect Game