Mission Future

Mission Future

Retail 2014: Torn between digital and analog, between e-commerce and bricks and mortar. The chances and possibilities probably lie directly between the two – between eye-catching keywords with multi-channel marketing and Digital Signage.What can be found behind the scenes, what is technically possible, what something feels like, what it looks like. Visitors at EuroShop can draw their own conclusions from walking around this truly extraordinary fair.

Firecube Public Multimedia euroshop 2014

Firecube Public Multimedia is showing what it can do with an exciting multimedia exhibit at the FAMAB stand, the Association for Direct Communications , Hall 09 / F59..

The essential task of the exhibit (it was a large multitouch table): to bring the work of the association into the limelight, with its three-dimensional brand worlds and trade fair stands of its award winning members. Naturally it is the shops, exhibition stands and live marketing documentation that are the subjects that best lend themselves to displays using impressive images.

Because it concerns several years of award winners in different categories, the task and the amount of data are extensive!

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