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Firecube Smart
Water Effect Configuration
Firecube Smart
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Firecube Smart
Interaction Configuration
Firecube Smart

Firecube SMART is both the basis for individual applications as well as plug & play software for interactive attractions. Content management with real-time preview, automatic start and stop at preset times,

system evaluations and a constantly checked secure operating environment are of course the norm for all applications.

Application examples

Interactive floor projections, gesture-driven applications, multitouch for self-configuration and small games as great attractions. SMART offers a remarkable variety of applications as a plug and play software.
Interactive floor projections are the highlight for short term events and a POS magnet for customers and visitors alike.
Fancy a game?
Information in the blink of an eye? Gesture control will get you attention.
Contact free systems have unbeatable advantages, especially in public areas.

Motion-controlled floor projection

Transform Effekt

Gesture-driven effects

Multitouch-driven effects

Content Management with real-time preview

Individual solutions

Water effect configuration

Firecube Smart Effect Overview

Transform Effekt Soda

Transform Effekt Pyrit

Transform Effekt Candy Land

Running Bubbles Effekt

Running Bubbles Effekt Protect Your Style

Coverflow Effekt

Water Effekt

Soccer Effekt

Chase Effekt

Mask Effekt

Trail Effekt

Fireball Effekt

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