A ‘B’ for Bertelsmann

We would like to present an exhibit that we are particularly proud of.

The Bertelsmann Annual Press Conference 2015 in Berlin featured ‘B’ for the first time, showing core strategic company messages and demonstrating the progress that Bertelsmann has made in its various business fields.

Bertelsmann Exponat

“Building A New Bertelsmann”, the title of this year’s annual report, truly reflects the identity of the company, together with the two and a half metre long letter B, created in conjunction with us. The key aspect of the generation of the idea was the combination of elegant architecture inspired by the visual elements of the printed annual report and innovative, intuitive interaction with multimedia content from all areas of the business.

Six screens and five computers provide a playful, modern and entertaining source of information that makes Bertelsmann, and the products of its subsidiaries,+ more alive and tangible. There’s plenty for visitors to try out.

Bertelsmann Exponat

A first subtle impression of the “living” exhibit is already apparent on approach. An image strip embedded in the front – consisting of switches from photos of different media content – changes from a pulsating light to a chasing light that accentuates details.

Bertelsmann Exponat

With an audio station it is possible to listen to various audio books from Penguin Random House and the German publishing group, Random House, as well as music from BMG artists. Once a visitor has removed the headphones, he can activate albums and audiobooks simply by touching the cover on the exhibit screen. Using the tactile steering wheel calls up more than 100 other audio samples.

An ingenious twist: integrated tablets can be accessed to display more information, such as biographies for singers and authors, or summaries of the books.

Bertelsmann Exponat

In front of a large screen you can unwind in the “video lounge”. Visitors will find more than 80 videos waiting for them, selectable via a touchpad remote control integrated in the “B” and that can be swiped across the screen. The choice ranges from trailers and corporate videos to complete TV shows and web videos that can be linked to the strategic directions of the company.

Bertelsmann Exponat
Bertelsmann Exponat

The incorporated bookshelves contain bestselling titles from Penguin Random House or the Random House Publishing Group, as well as G + J magazines, all ready to browse through. Through a special sensor that is attached to the products there is also the possibility to discover some additional information.

If you would like to brush up on your knowledge regarding the core markets of Bertelsmann and its defined growth regions as well as learning some language of the country involved, can also try this out – Chinese, Indian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, English and German phrases are all available at this interactive station.

On another touch-screen the current Bertelsmann online annual report is also available.

Following its very first use, the ‘B’ is now set to be on its travels. After Berlin and Gütersloh, the multimedia exhibit will be visiting various locations of the company.

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