The tour continues! Alcohol? Know your limit! Headline of the prevention campaign from the BZgA, Federal Center for Health Education. And: real life doesn’t run in reverse! Very true. And that is why the awareness campaign is carrying on to combat mindless alcohol use.

This short documentaton is a current look over the shoulder – Cologne June 2012 .

Additional equipment elements such as, for example, the noise glasses course, make a contribution. But the now well-known, multimedia Roadshow Installations are also presented in absolute freshness! This is due in no small part to the competent team of alcohol health advisers. With their range of services they provide the answers to questions arising from the combination of Multitouch tables, info pillars, interactive media and floor projections.

In this sense the interactive installations assist the team of consultants to start casual conversations, encourage dialogue and help to illustrate the information presented visually!

Frecube Public Multimedia BZgA
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Low-threshold addiction abuse and prevention without any wagging fingers! Info pillars, floor projection and info tables get the message successfully through to the target group. High acceptance levels for a sensitive issue.

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