The Berlin theme year ” Diversity Destroyed ” illuminates the phenomenon of increasing standardization and the resulting impoverishment.. Moreover, alternative approaches should be tried.  The Berlin-based artist Sabine Kacunko enriched the thematic initiative with a unique art project.

LOOPING LIFE combines live & media performance with a classic presentation of sculpture and pictures. To kick off the four-week exhibition at the renowned Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Sabine Kacunko staged the performance “hit and run”.

Firecube Public Multimedia supported the staging with a specially programmed interactive multimedia installation: real-time algorithms transformed the processing of a drop of blood from the artist into a pulsating projection of crystal shapes.

sabine kacunko Kunst

The live and media performance is part of the themes of innovation established by Sabine Kacunko as “Bacterial Art”. The latter is pars pro toto for the even greater diversity and interconnection that is commonly known as creation in the Western world. Sabine Kacunko is committed to an unconventional, open-minded and inquiring approach. Just like a committed surveyor and cartographer, she sets out for new terrain, exploring artistic-scientific frontiers.
LOOPING LIFE – Sabine Kacunko


© Sabine Kacunko


© Sabine Kacunko


© Sabine Kacunko

Client:Sabine Kacunko

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