3M Neuss Firecube Public Multimedia Interaktiv

“It’s perfectly clear – innovation becomes transparent. An inviting, interactive room experience for visitors and employees: dreiform takes intelligent product showcasing with transparent screens, a gesture-controlled company presentation, informal meeting areas, and a shop and merges them all into a semi-public brand space offering a high-quality environment for its occupants. In other words, dreiform creates “… an impressive experience of innovative force.” (Stephan Rahn, Manager Corporate Innovation Marketing, 3M)”

dreiform services:
interior design, exhibition design, media design, interaction design, project coordination, project realisation
firecube public multimedia services:
software development for panorama gallery, focus area, boarding
Foto: © Stefan Schilling
Iconic Award & German Design Nominierung
 iconic award  Firecube Public MultimediaGerman Design Award 2013 Firecube Public Multimedia
Für die herausragende Gestaltungsleistung der World Of Innovation wurde dreiform jüngst beim Iconic Award in der Kategorie Interior ausgezeichnet und für den German Design Award nominiert.
Client:dreiform/ 3M

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